Additional Services

Computer (ASCII) Calls

Computer users can access Georgia Relay by setting their PC communications software to the following protocols:

  • 300 or 1200 Baud (if you have a choice, use 300)
  • 8 bit ASCII Code
  • No parity
  • 1 stop bit
  • Half duplex
  • No X-modes required (no flow control)
  • No terminal emulation or TTY emulation
  • Dialing timeout at longest possible time, infinity preferred
  • Local Echo ON (may be called “Echo Typed Characters” Locally)
  • PC to ASCII TTY and ASCII TTY to Georgia Relay

Note: Not all TTYs have ASCII capability. A TTY must have ASCII capability in order to connect to a PC.

PC to Baudot TTY

A special modem with Baudot capability is required. PC settings should be determined according to the PC’s software.

True Caller ID

If you subscribe to Caller ID through your local telephone company, you can receive the same service through Georgia Relay. When a person calls you through Georgia Relay, their name and number will appear on your telecommunications device, rather than Georgia Relay’s Caller ID information. If Caller ID information is blocked, the call is out of the area, or caller information is unavailable, you will receive a message to that effect.

Directory Assistance

Upon request, Georgia Relay can access directory assistance for local and nationwide telephone numbers. Once the number is obtained, the Georgia Relay Communications Assistant (CA) can place the call for the Relay user. Please note that normal directory assistance charges will apply.

900 Pay-Per-Call

Relay users can place these calls by dialing 7-1-1 and letting the CA know that they want to make a 900 pay-per-call. Creating a Georgia Relay Customer Profile gives Relay users the option to permanently block these calls.

Voicemail and Answering Machine Retrieval

Relay users can have their voicemail or answering machine messages retrieved through Georgia Relay. To request this service, simply tell the CA you want to listen to your messages or give them your access code, if required.

Conference Calls

Whether using traditional Relay, CapTel, Speech-To-Speech, Internet Relay, Video Relay Service or almost every Georgia Relay calling feature, you can make conference calls.

TTY to TTY with Voice Intercept

When a TTY user calls with a prepaid phone card or calls another TTY user at a location where an operator or automated answering service first answers the phone, he or she may place the call through Georgia Relay. The Georgia Relay CA makes the connection according to the voice that first answers the phone, or the automated prompts, and then connects the two lines, so the call can continue TTY to TTY.

Turbo Code

On TTYs with the Turbo Code feature, the Relay user can send information at the same speed in which it is typed. The user can also interrupt, resulting in a more natural conversation flow.