VRS (Video Relay Service)

Photo Diagram of VRS
VRS makes it possible for individuals who use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate through the use of a video-linked interpreter. The VRS user connects to the VRS interpreter online through the use of an Internet-connected computer with a webcam; a smartphone; or a tablet with video capability. The VRS interpreter then places a telephone call to the person the VRS user wishes to call. Once the call is connected, the VRS interpreter relays the conversation back and forth between the callers—translating the other person’s spoken words into sign language for the VRS user, and voicing the VRS user’s sign language for the other person to hear. For more information about VRS, please visit the FCC’s Guide. VRS is available to consumers through third-party providers and is not a service of Georgia Relay. To see a list of current providers, visit the FCC’s povider directory.