A Guide to Relay Calls

Making Relay calls is simple with Georgia Relay! We offer an array of telecommunications services specifically designed with users’ needs in mind. Here are some of the basics you need to know to place and receive Relay calls—and make the most of our services:

Group of Diverse People


Anyone can initiate a Georgia Relay call, simply by dialing 7-1-1. Since Georgia Relay is a public service, users pay no setup charges or fees for local calls and there is no limit on the number or length of calls users may place or receive.

TTY phone

TTY (Text Telephones)

People who are deaf, hard of hearing or have difficulty speaking typically use a TTY to make calls through Georgia Relay. A TTY works similar to a standard telephone, except for a typewriter-style keyboard with letters and numbers, a text screen and a printer. Learn more about our TTY services.

Communication Assistant

Communication Assistants (CAs)

Georgia Relay CAs are like operators who are specially trained to handle any type of Relay call. After dialing 7-1-1, give the CA the phone number of the person or business you wish to call. As the call progresses, the CA voices the TTY user’s text to the standard phone user, and types the words of the standard phone user back to the TTY user, relaying the conversation back and forth. Georgia Relay CAs communicate the typed or spoken words exactly as given and, by law, maintain absolute confidentiality about all conversations.

Woman using a TTY

GA or “Go Ahead”

During a Georgia Relay call, say “Go Ahead” (TTY users type “GA”) each time you finish your part of the conversation. This alerts the other person to begin responding to you. It also lets the CA know when each person has finished his or her side of the conversation.

Answering a Georgia Relay Call

Even if you use a standard phone and have never made or received a Georgia Relay call, you may answer the phone sometime and hear, “Hello, this is Georgia Relay…” Please don’t hang up when this happens, thinking you are receiving a telemarketing or some other unsolicited call. A skilled CA will guide you through the call and help you experience the many benefits of telecommunication through Georgia Relay.

Types of Calls Accepted

All types of calls can be placed or received through Georgia Relay, including direct-dial, collect, person-to-person and third-party calls. Georgia Relay also accepts phone cards, including calling cards and prepaid cards. Credit cards can be used to make calls as well.

Long-Distance Calls

You will not be charged for local or long distance calls. However, there are situations when payment is necessary. That includes:

    • International Calls
    • Directory Assistance
    • Pay Phones
    • Pay-Per-Call Services
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