Relay Partner Kit

This online Georgia Relay Partner Kit includes everything you need to train your staff and market your business for Georgia Relay users. All files can be easily printed and shared among your employees. We encourage you to use the materials as a regular part of employee training.

Partner Guide (PDF)
A comprehensive guide to Georgia Relay and the Georgia Relay Partner program for you, your leadership team, and your HR/employee training team.

Employee Guide (PDF)
Duplicate and distribute this guide to new and existing employees as part of your employee training program to ensure that all employees are prepared to place and receive Relay calls.

Calling Tips Flyer (PDF)
Post this flyer throughout your workplace to remind employees how to handle Relay calls.

Relay Fraud Prevention Flyer (PDF)
Post this flyer throughout your workplace to remind employees how to detect and handle fraudulent callers.

Online Business Directory
Your business contact information will be listed in Georgia Relay’s online partner directory. Georgia Relay users are encouraged to patronize businesses listed in this directory, and your information will be available on user search queries.

Georgia Relay Partner Logos & Usage Guidelines

To help you market your business to Georgia Relay users, several high-resolution versions of the Georgia Relay Partner logo are provided below, along with usage guidelines. Please click on the version and format best suited to your needs.


Full Color File Name: ga_relaypart.jpg

B&W File Name: ga_relaypart_bw.jpg


Full Color File Name: ga_relaypart.tif

B&W File Name: ga_relaypart_bw.tif



Two Color File Name: ga_relaypart.pdf

B&W File Name: ga_relaypart_bw.pdf