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Georgia Relay welcomes your questions, comments and concerns. Remember, you can always ask a Communications Assistant (CA) to transfer you to customer care before, during or after a Relay call.

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Customer Care

Phone: 866-694-5824 (Voice/TTY)

Spanish: 866-744-7471

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Standard Mail

Georgia Relay
PO Box 285
Aurora NE 68818

To Make a Relay Call

Dial 7-1-1 or call one of the toll free numbers below:
TTY: 800-255-0056
Voice: 800-255-0135
Speech-to-Speech: 888-202-4082
Spanish-to-Spanish: 888-202-3972
(includes Spanish-to-Spanish and translation from English to Spanish)

If you are traveling out of State, you can place interstate calls by calling:
TTY: 800-833-5833 (toll-free)
Voice: 800-833-7833 (toll-free)