Speech-To-Speech (STS)

Speech-to-speech—or STS—is specifically designed for people who have mild-to-moderate speech difficulties who can hear what is being said over the phone. As the STS user speaks, a specially trained Communication Assistant (CA) listens to the words. The CA then revoices those words to the other person. When the other person speaks, the STS user listens directly to what is being said. Other than a standard telephone, no special equipment is needed.

STS with Privacy

When an STS user requests this option, only the CA will be able to hear the user’s voice, not the other party.

Making an STS Call

(A Georgia Relay Customer Profile is highly recommended for STS users and will streamline the following steps.)

  1. Dial 7-1-1 or 888-202-4082 (English) or 888-202-3972 (Spanish) to reach Georgia Relay.
  2. Inform the Communication Assistant (CA) that you want to make an STS call, then give the CA the number you wish to call.
  3. Tell the CA what kind of role you would like him or her to take during your call:
    ACTIVE ROLE: The CA will repeat everything you say to the person you are calling. -or- PASSIVE ROLE: The CA will only intervene upon request from you or the other party.
  4. Once the CA connects you to the person you are calling, begin speaking to that person directly. The CA will repeat your words according to the role you requested.
  5. If you want to make another Relay call after your conversation is finished, stay on the line and the CA will assist you.