Bettering Georgia Businesses with Georgia Relay Partner

SGRC logoThe Southern Georgia Regional Commission (SGRC) has successfully completed its Georgia Relay Partner training.

Established in 1963, SGRC is a regional planning and intergovernmental coordination agency which serves 45 municipalities and 18 counties in Southern Georgia. Located in Valdosta and Waycross, SGRC has a mission to serve citizens of Southern Georgia, making it a better, more diverse, and more accessible place to work and live. Working with state and federal agencies, SGRC provides services that improve access to healthcare, employment, education, and more for Southern Georgia’s citizens, particularly the older adult population.

Because SGRC provides services directly to the community, it also serves clients from Southern Georgia’s underserved populations, and individuals who have difficulty with standard forms of communication. As a Georgia Relay Partner, SGRC hopes to hear from more individuals in the region who may have been unable to or uncomfortable with accessing the services they provide. “We strive to remove barriers for individuals to participate in the planning process, for example, ensuring they have accessible mobility to jobs, education, and healthcare,” shares Corey Hull, SGRC transportation and environmental director. “With the training from Georgia Relay Partner, we will be able to accept calls from individuals who find it difficult to use a standard telephone, and they can ask questions about community resources they might need.”

SGRC staff received their Relay Partner training from Georgia Relay Outreach Coordinator Brendan Underwood. “I was able to work directly with their employees, helping them to better understand the Relay world and how to make and receive calls from Relay users,” says Underwood. “The Georgia Relay Partner Program is all about connecting Georgia businesses, companies, organizations, and local groups to the Relay community.”

After the initial training process, SGRC team members engaged in follow-up test calls so they would feel comfortable in an actual Relay-call setting. “Brendan made the training process simple and straightforward,” says Hull. “Some of our staff who were unable to attend the training received one-on-one guidance from him. We’re looking forward to serving more people in our region with this partnership with Georgia Relay.”

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